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Sierra Wireless EM7345: How to flash the latest firmware


WARNING!!! The instructions in this post are applicable only to EM7345 installed in Lenovo laptops!! For example, models T440, X240, X1 Carbon 2nd and 3rd gen, X250. For tablets or other devices don’t use the firmware given in this post, you can brick your EM7345!

Unfortunately, the default factory EM7345 firmware version  (1.1) has some bugs. For example, after connecting to a LTE network and then disconnecting manually, the network status of the connection was changing for me to “No service” until device restart. Also, the device often disappears from Device Manager and reappears there with the name “1 CDC” and does not work until you disable and then enable it again in Device Manager. All those issues are caused by some bugs in EM7345 firmware.

But there is a newer version of firmware, namely 1.2, where the above bugs are fixed. But by default, you cannot flash it, because firmware updating is supposed to work unattended. And this is not nice of Intel and Lenovo. The users must be able to do firmware updating when they need or want it! Bad, bad Lenovo, very bad! 🙂

And that’s where old good Zukota comes in again.

Here’s the instructions of how to flash your EM7345 to the latest version:

Make sure you’re using Windows 8 or 8.1

Go to the control panel and uninstall Sierra Wireless EM734x 4G LTE Software from Program and Features.

Reboot your laptop.

Download and install the latest EM7345 driver package from the Lenovo website. This package already includes the 1.2 firmware, but by default it’s never going to be flashed into your EM7345, unless you live in some specific country.

Find the file “c:\ProgramData\Intel\MBIM Toolkit\config\Config.xml” and open it in any text editor. Find the following string in the file: “<SilentAutoFWUpdate>true</SilentAutoFWUpdate>” and change “true” to “false”.  Also check that the string “<FirmwareSysTray>true</FirmwareSysTray>” is set to “true” and set it to “true” if it’s not.

Make sure after you edit the file contents is the following:

Now, reboot your laptop.

After reboot, you will notice  a new icon in the system tray for Intel firmware updater service:


Don’t proceed if you don’t see this icon.

Double click the icon to bring up the Intel firmware updater utility.



Notice the highlighted area. You should see your country and cellular operator listed there. Also check “Home Provider ID” value. It should contain a 5-digit code, for example “26299”. If you don’t see any data shown, make sure your SIM card is inserted and you can see your cellular provider name in Windows 8 Connections Manager.

Don’t proceed if you don’t see Home Provider ID, your county and your operator name!

Now, find and open in a text editor the following file: “”c:\ProgramData\Intel\MBIM Toolkit\FirmwareDatabase\PreInstalled\FLSInformation.xml”. Scroll to the very end of it and before </FLSImageList> string insert the following text:

where MCC is the first 3 digits of the code shown in “Home Provider ID”. If your code is 26299, then MCC must be 262. MNC is the last 2 digits of the code, if your code is 26299, then your MNC must be 99.

Make sure the end of the file with your added data looks like this:

Save the file and reboot your laptop.

After reboot, wait for some time until you get a prompt from Intel firmware updater to update your firmware. Press “Yes” and the firmware update progress will begin!


It should complete in a few seconds, maybe 10-20. After the process is done and the updater says so, wait for a couple of minutes. Don’t reboot your laptop.

After the updating is done, your EM7345 can appear in Device Manager with a different name, and AT and GNSS ports can be gone, and VID/PID can be reset again to bad values. You will need to reinitialize your EM7345 again, as described in this post.  If you want to also get back your AT and GNSS ports, refer to this post.

If you have AT ports enabled, check the version of firmware:

The version should read as 1.2 now. If so, you have successfully updated your EM7345 to the latest available firmware. I personally noticed that “1 CDC” bug is gone, and LTE connecting and reconnecting works fine now. I also can observe a very rare bug when my EM7345 is shown with an exclamation mark in Device Manager after the laptop wakes up from sleep, but I use to fix that by disabling it in Device Manager and enabling it again. Other than that, there are no bugs and LTE works like a charm 🙂

Does anyone know if there’s a newer than 1.2 firmware for EM7345? Lenovo or Intel, can you answer? Lenovo users would like to see ALL bugs fixed 🙂 Hahaha.

38 Responses to Sierra Wireless EM7345: How to flash the latest firmware

  • Dear Zukota,

    I am using Dell Venue pro 11 core i5 tablet PC with windows 8.1, and my pc didn’t come with WWAN card, and i bought a Sierra EM7345 WWAN card and trying to fix, even i have insert my sim, it says “no service”
    i was plan to update its firmware, the way you have enplane, and i have done up to the M.2 WWAN fiemware updater, but it dosnt recognice the WWAN card, it says device not found or removed, but on device manager i can see its installed properly. but on other devices have two items call “MS- ABTP” & “MS-TCC”. please let me know what i have to do next. i am sure the steps you have mentioned i have gone true with out any wrong, please let me know how i can fix this issue.

    • Hi!
      If you see “No service” it means either your SIM card is not recognized (that’s a hardware issue, is EM7345 in approved WWAN list for your tablet?) or your EM7345 is SIM locked to some cellular operator. I already know of many cases when people bought SIM locked EM7345. In my opinion, it’s better to buy from China than from the US, as it’s more chances to get a SIM locked EM7345 if buying from the US. I bought mine on and it’s not SIM locked.

      I will post soon some AT commands that you can use to check if your EM7345 is SIM locked or if it has some hardware problems recognizing SIM cards at all.

  • is there an at command needed to be sent before GPS data is sent out the com port?
    is there a reason why this card won’t take standard at commands “at!gstatus” returns error?

    Thanks again.

    • AT!GSTATUS appears to be a Quallcomm command. EM7345 is based on Intel (formerly Infineon) chipset and has a different set of commands. I didn’t make much research on the Intel GPS command syntax. But you can, however, make any NMEA-based GPS software work with your EM7345. I’ve been using this “proxy” program for that: You have to have your GNSS port activated in your Windows and drivers installed. GNSS sensor must be present in your Device Manager.

  • Hi, Zukota!
    how can i get flash from one EM7345, that i can flashed other em7345, did you know?
    (sorry for bad eng.)

    • It’s not possible to read the flash from EM7345 yet. Or at least, no such tools exist available for public use 🙂 I’ve been trying to read the flash of my EM7345, but failed, and I’m too lazy to do all the reverse engineering required to achieve that 🙂

  • i’ve tried flash my device on my Tablet (lenovo yoga tablet 2 1051) but it doesnt work, i’ve do all actions as you say, but i have not message about update firmware. What i do wrong? And where can i get FLZ firmwares?

    • Is your EM7345 detected by Windows? What’s shown in Device Manager? Can you see your operator name in Connection Manager?

      There are no firmware available except 1.2 that is included in Lenovo EM7345 laptop drivers.

      • Yeah, It detect, and use win drivers to work with it, Device manager shown Sierra wireles em7345, in connection manager i see my operator Megafon, and in config.xml i use 250 and 02

        • Can you help me? if yes- mail me

          • Not sure what’s going on and why Intel firmware updater doesn’t kick in on reboot. Perhaps it checks the hardware it executes on, for Lenovo laptops this guide works like a charm. Just updated my EM7345 to version FIH7160_V1.2_WW_01.1415.09_NAND and everything went smoothly.

            Not sure about Lenovo tablets, there are even no WWAN drivers for your Yoga model on the Lenovo website.

  • Hi
    I am trying to update but I get stuck when rebooting.
    The SIM INFORMATION is marked locked. When activated in Network setup, after pin code entered, the activation crasches and the device is now marked with the exclamation mark and 1cdc unknown. The modem is preinstalled in a Lenovo yoga 2. Any sugestions.
    Thanks Flemming

  • Hi,

    does this work with Windows 7 too?

    • Intel M.2 Firmware updater should work with Windows 7 too.

      • Hi Zukota
        I’m from Canada, Toronto and can’t get this broadband device working on Windows 7 x64.
        Device presents in device manager, but Home Provider ID is 6 digits, like 302720.
        Home operator Error!
        Country Canada
        I’m with Rogers.
        firmware 1415.07
        AT+CEER command gives me SM activation error, 133, requested service option not subscribed.

        Please advice.

        Thank you very much, your tutorial was extremely helpful

        • Hi!

          Not sure, but seems your device cannot register in the cell network. Perhaps you need to “activate” your SIM somehow with your carrier? Try to use Lenovo Broadband Activation package from the Lenovo downloads website or ask your operator about how you can do that.

    • Hi,

      I want to try to update from V1.1 to V1.2 but I do not have:
      Find the file “c:\ProgramData\Intel\MBIM Toolkit\config\Config.xml”
      Particulary I do not have on Win7PRO Config.xml file.

      Can you help?

  • Thanks for this Guide! It seems that the LTE-Issue on my ThinkPad T540p was solved with the new firmware!

  • Hi,

    I buyed a Sierra Wireless EM7345 card from China one week ago. The M.2 WWAN Firmware Updater Tool says the firmware version of this card is FIH7160_V1.2_WW_01.1442.07. I think this FW version is recent, so I don’t have to upgrade. Am I right?

    • That depends… If you’re satisfied of how hardware is working and have no significant issues, you can continue to use your current firmware version. Sometimes, however, even the latest versions have some issues and I guess it’s concerned with particular cellular carrier. What I can say about 1442, is that I never had issues with it, but in another country (and different cellular carrier) even the latest version 1522 has some issues and critical errors (as shown by +XLOG command). I’m still not sure if that can be called the EM7345 firmware or cellular carrier fault.

  • Hi
    I’m from Switzerland using a Lenovo Carbon X1 with Win10 and a Sierra EM7345.
    Unfortunately i can’t use LTE and i do not know why. I configured the latest driver “FIH7160_V1.2_WW_01.1522.02”. When im looking at my provider Swisscom i get LTE deactivated.
    Can you help me. What do i have to do on my sierra wireless, so that LTE is used?


    • If Swisscom has LTE network in your location area, issue might be caused by the signals strength, both LTE and 3G have. By default, wwan modem has the Auto network selection mode. So, if you’e using OS based connection capabilities only, Windows (do you have it?) selects network type with the highest signal level.

      Use AT command to choose appropriate network type, or Sierra Watcher or zukota’s Control Center app (I hope its free version supports network type selection).

    • How did you update the firmware on win10 ? I have a thinkpad t540p with win10, and I cannot get the firmware updated. No matter what I try, it keeps saying that the firmware is not for the model of EM7345 I have, or something to that effect.

      I’ve been using the win10 version of the software, not the win8 version as the article above seems to recommend (but I assumed that the article was written before win10 was available).

      Can you send me your config-files for the firmware-updater ? my email:

  • good morning zukota
    am running win 7 64x and with sierra em7345 and am facing no internet access after a while and after restart it works fine
    my intel mbim firmware updater show this data
    data name: sierra wireless em7345 4g lte
    firmware: FIH160_V1.1_MODEM_01.1349.12
    and i bought this card from china to be unlocked

    now should i proceed through this this steps or what?
    did you need any extra info from my computer to check is iam safe to do this steps?
    many thanks and waiting your reply

  • Using the newest drivers from lenovo I followed your instructions and add this:

    FLSImage name=”FIH7160_V1.2_WW_01.1528.04_Generic.fls”

    the fls file name is different according to the names of files in folder and after reboot nothing happens — I havent been asked for update 🙁

    My FW is: FIH7160_V1.1_MODEM_01.1349.12
    and Home Provider: 26001

    I will be grateful for your help!

  • I Frome Israel , I have ThinkPad 10 20e3 with modem sierra em7345, I want update firmware to 1528.04 generic because doesn’t working with Pelephone company , I have this firmware 1528.04 generic.fls, this come with driver packet , its found in
    C:\ProgramData\Intel\LENOVO MBIM Toolkit\FirmwareDatabase\PreInstalled,
    but I cant update with C:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra Wireless Inc\LENOVO MBIM Toolkit\firmwareApp.exe I get error “firmware entries not add” , I need firmware correct .any idea?

  • Windows 7 x64 Leonvo L540
    O2 – de Germany
    Home provider 26207

    Today a found an other Solution after 2 years and many bad moments

    1. after uninstall current Sierra Software eg 2.21.10890.4498
    2. install gtwo36ww.exe
    3. start C:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra Wireless Inc\MBIM Toolkit\firmwareApp.exe
    4. disable/enable Sierra WWan Modul fn-f8 and try to connect your Provider and watch the update process, to FIH7160_V1.2_WW_01.1415.07
    5. after this was able to rerun gtwo46ww.exe and disable/enable Sierra WWan Modul fn-f8 and try to connect your Provider and watch the update to FIH7160_V1.2_WW_01.1528.04

    good luck

  • Windows 7 x64 Leonvo L540
    O2 – de Germany
    Home provider 26207


    Windows 7 x64 Leonvo T550
    O2 – de Germany
    Home provider 26207


    – (New) Driver signed with latest RS1 signature.
    – (Fix) Fixed 3G-4G redirection behavior
    – (Fix) Fixed an issue where radio might turn on after restart or shutdown.
    – (New) Remove Windows 10 support for Thinkpad X1 Carbon, Thinkapad X250, and
    Thinkpad T550

    worked Fine in about 2 Minutes

    working from not so easy additional steps are requiriere
    i managed it without installing the old apps

    Windows 7 x64 Leonvo L540
    O2 – de Germany
    Home provider 26207

    step 1

    i replaced a line in the Config.xml
    c:\Programdata\intel\Lenovo MBIM Toolkit\Config\




    step 2
    rename “c:\Programdata\intel\LENOVO MBIM Toolkit\FirmwareDatabase\PreInstalled”
    “c:\Programdata\intel\LENOVO MBIM Toolkit\FirmwareDatabase\PreInstalled_temp”

    step 3

    i Copyed from an old updated installation of gtwo36ww.exe

    c:\Programdata\intel\MBIM Toolkit\FirmwareDatabase\PreInstalled (or from USB oder Netshare)
    c:\Programdata\intel\LENOVO MBIM Toolkit\FirmwareDatabase\PreInstalled

    step 4
    kill the firmwareApp.exe the taskmanager

    step 5

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra Wireless Inc\Lenovo MBIM Toolkit\firmwareApp.exe

    update process, to FIH7160_V1.2_WW_01.1415.07

    step 6
    kill the firmwareApp.exe the taskmanager

    rename “c:\Programdata\intel\LENOVO MBIM Toolkit\FirmwareDatabase\PreInstalled”
    “c:\Programdata\intel\LENOVO MBIM Toolkit\FirmwareDatabase\PreInstalled_OLD” and

    rename “c:\Programdata\intel\LENOVO MBIM Toolkit\FirmwareDatabase\PreInstalled_temp”
    “c:\Programdata\intel\LENOVO MBIM Toolkit\FirmwareDatabase\PreInstalled”

    step 7
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra Wireless Inc\Lenovo MBIM Toolkit\firmwareApp.exe

    update process, to FIH7160_V1.2_WW_01.1616.01

    i try to build an batchfile for this

  • it is easy

    FIH7160_V1.1_MODEM_01.1349.12 to FIH7160_V1.2_WW_01.1616.01 you need to change the vaule for “Enforce module compatibility” from true to false

    1. install -> gtwo47ww.exe

    Lenovo change this configration so we have to do the same

    “c:\Programdata\intel\Lenovo MBIM Toolkit\Config\” config.xml

    Enforce module compatibility
    EnforceModuleCompatibility true EnforceModuleCompatibility


    Enforce module compatibility
    EnforceModuleCompatibility false EnforceModuleCompatibility

    kill the firmwareApp.exe the taskmanager

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra Wireless Inc\Lenovo MBIM Toolkit\firmwareApp.exe

    Only in (gtwo36ww.exe) the Parameter was set “false” WTF ?

    from “c:\Programdata\intel\MBIM Toolkit\Config\” config.xml

    “false” (gtwo36ww.exe) to “true” (gtwo46ww.exe gtwo47ww.exe)

    “c:\Programdata\intel\Lenovo MBIM Toolkit\Config\” config.xml

    good luck

    • @oviresux you’re a life saver! thank you for the simple yet working instructions that restored my X1 Carbon 2nd Gen WWAN functionality.

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