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How to enable AT command and diagnostic ports and GPS for Sierra Wireless EM7345


Sometimes it’s useful to know what’s going on under the hood. Almost all modern 3G and 4G modules offer an AT command interface to run AT commands.

What can you do using AT commands? To name just a few:

  • Check cellular signal strength
  • Lock your EM7345 to use only 2G, 3G, or 4G if you have such a need
  • Check for some problems, for example if your newly bought EM7345 is SIM-locked to some provider
  • Reboot your EM7345 without rebooting Windows
  • Check what’s wrong if your EM7345 doesn’t connect to a cellular network

Also, the EM7345 includes a fully functional GPS device! With active antennas connected inside your Lenovo laptop!

Unfortunately, out-of-the-box EM7345 comes with only MBIM interface enabled, all AT ports are switched off by default. GPS is also switched off and there are no standard means to enable it! Shame on you Lenovo! Why you restrict us, buyers of your laptops, to use all features and potential of hardware we bought from you? Do you think GPS is not important?

But OK, this is where we come in! To enable AT command port and GPS on your EM7345, do the following:

  • Ensure you’re running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Windows 7 can use AT and GPS too, but to enable it, you must be running Windows 8!
  • Ensure you have the latest EM7345 drivers installed from Lenovo website.
  • Ensure your EM7345 is visible in Device Manager with the correct VID/PID identificators. See the picture


When the above requirements are met, download and run this file: EM7345_MBIM_ACM

Wait a minute and then check your Device Manager again. You will notice three new devices:

  • Sierra Wireless EM7345 AT Port
  • Sierra Wireless EM7345 Trace Port
  • Sierra Wireless GNSS Sensor EM7345 4G LTE


Congratulations! Now you have fully enabled GPS in your Lenovo laptop ready to work with built-in Windows 8 Maps, also you can make it work with any NMEA-compatible GPS software for Windows. Also you have your AT command ports enabled. Download putty and open your corresponding COM port in putty. In this picture example, my COM port number is COM7:


And press “Open”.

In the opened window, type:


You should have a reply from your EM7345:

Congratulations! Your AT port is now working and you can query your EM7345 with AT commands. The above command asks for a device firmware version, it is FIH7160_XMM7160_V1.2_MBIM_GNSS_NAND_REV_4.5 2014-Jun-5 11:54:58 in my case, the latest one.


You can do a lot more things with your EM7345 using AT commands, and in my next posts I will give some more very useful examples.

54 Responses to How to enable AT command and diagnostic ports and GPS for Sierra Wireless EM7345

  • Hi,

    Are you able to post the follow up on the AT commands, i tryed AT!GSTATUS? and i just keep getting “ERROR” back on most AT commands.


    • Yep!

      Just posted how to update EM7345 firmware. Will give some useful AT commands in the next post.

    • The EM7345 doesn’t seem to support all AT commands. To get a list of (I presume) all available commands, type: AT+CLAC . Note that some commands require an active data connection to generate a response.

  • Hello,

    I’m living in Gabon.
    I’d like to activate my EM7345 for Internet access with Gabon Telecom, local provider.
    The Lenovo activation software is useless since it only features a liste for limited providers.

    • Hello,
      You should ask your provider of how to activate your SIM card. That can be a text message, USSD request or some other means. Make sure your EM7345 is not SIM locked, if so, you should see your operator name in Windows Connection Manager.

  • please help me with GPS AT commands for EM7345
    thank you

  • This was all Great information. I have a new Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen3.
    I have tried everything to get the T-Mobile SIM to work, but no Luck.
    The T-Mobile SIM sends the EM7345 into a Reboot Loop or “1 CDC error” state.
    “AT+CFUN=16” only works when the card is accessible. When it is in a “1 CDC error” state the card is not access and I had to Unload it from Device Manager and Scan for new Devices to get it back.
    I never Did get the T-Mobile SIM to work, But the AT&T Prepaid Data SIM works Great.
    I am sure you already know that Lenovo and T-Mobile support were no help at all.
    Thanks again for All this great Information.

    • Some user from the US also reported that when using T-Mobile SIM, the device disappears and reappears in Device Manager whenever you try to connect to the network. This happens even with the latest firmware 1415.09.

    • I have a similar experience. x1 carbon G3 with EM7345 from China (but has correct Lenovo FRU number). With Zukota’s help I was able to load the lates firmware. That made the oscillation on/off DM stop, but the device reboots after connecting to Tmobile. Activating AccessConnections gives a little more info, but does not stop the problem…it reads the return message from Tmobile verify the phone number…then the reboot happens. In 5 seconds the device is visible again. ATT sim works fine. There is a suggestion on the web that it has to do with the LTE connection…that somehow you can force 3G, but I don’t know how to do that in Windows 7/64.

    • Update: My EM7345 in a windows7/64 x1 carbon works fine on T-mobile in europe! But in the USA it immediately disconnects after registering with T-mo LTE.

  • Hi

    You describe in your excellent Sierra EM7345 guide
    …also you can make it work with any NMEA-compatible GPS software for Windows…

    Bot how do I achieve that? How can I enable the EM7345 to send NMEA data to a COM-port? Is it the trace port that will receive the NMEA data? Do I have to send a AT command to the AT port?

    Please, any help are welcome 🙂


  • Hello, Zukota.
    Thanks a lot for your wonderful guide – with its help I installed the 1.2 firmware version to my EM7345 (I have Lenovo t440p)
    But when I tried to enable AT command, diagnostic ports and GPS – the problem appeared. I downloaded and ran EM7345_MBIM_ACM file, all the ports appeared in device manager, but I couldn’t connect to COM through Putty. I decided to restart the laptop – and now it simply doesn’t see my EM7345. I tried to delete and reinstall Lenovo EM7345 driver – it came to nothing, EM7345 doesn’t appear in device manager.
    Could you please advise, what to do in this sitation?

    • OK, after third reboot it sees EM7345 and connects to AT port through putty, thanks a lot one more time.
      But now my built-in fingerprint device disconnected and there is only a “unknown USB device” in device manager… Why could it happen, could you help?

      • Not sure, EM7345 COM port drivers should not affect the fingerprint device at all. Unless the fingerprint device is using some emulated COM port too.

        • OK.. now it doesn’t see EM7345 again, but fingerprint works.
          How can I delete these drivers? I really wanted to have GPS in my laptop, but.. before I installed it, both my fingerprint and EM7345 worked 🙂

          • The problem is solved: somehow COM port for fngerprint in BIOS became closed. Now I have both GPS and fingerprint 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  • I have a Lenovo Carbon X1/2G with Debian installed on it.
    I’ve been trying to get the GPS working and get an interface ttyACM0 which
    seems to be the correct interface but I’m not getting any data from it.
    Is their a technique for getting this thing enabled on Linux?

    • You have to send some AT command to that port in order to start receiving NMEA data from it. Unfortunately, I don’t know what that command is. However, on Windows, the following DLL (which is the part of EM7345 drivers for Windows) is executing the correct GPS AT-commands: swingnss00.dll. If you are good with reverse engineering, you can find out what AT command and, most importantly, in what sequence are required to start receiving NMEA data from the AT port. Looking at swingnss00.dll, the following AT commands can be found inside the executable file:

  • AT+XACT ?
    +XACT: 1,1,,900,1800,1900,850,1,101

    HOW DO I ADD so i get LTE ?

    • Try first to turn on all bands:
      Then lock to LTE only:

    +CEREG: 0,0

    getting this command reply- how do i turn on LTE?

  • hi zukota

    This information you’ve provided above is definitely valuable. I’ve similar problem where Sierra Wireless COM port is not displayed in the Device Manager. However, I’ve Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1 and Sierra Wireless EM7305. Any advise or guide that you could provide? Thanks.

  • Could you please explain what does it mean “Windows 7 can use AT and GPS too, but to enable it, you must be running Windows 8!” for Win7 users?

    • You need to use Windows 8 to turn on the GPS and AT ports. Once it’s done, you can use the ports in Windows 7.

  • Could you write code to make this work in windows 7? If so what would it cost us?


    • Windows 7 has no drivers for vendor MBIM extensions to work. You have to use Windows 8 to enable AT and GPS ports for your EM7345. Then you can plug the EM7345 back to the computer running Windows 7 and ports will still work.

  • Since I enabled GPS and COM Ports, I have problems with InstantGo, i.e. power consumption is pretty high. Is there a way to disable them again?


  • Can we use CMD to instead of PUTTY?

  • This issue has almost driven me insane!

    I’m using W7P and as a last resort I thought I’d use your exe file and it seemed to work.
    At least up to the point where you see the three new devices in Device Manager.
    However, I did already have the sensor as recognised but now I have the two ports.
    I tried running a few commands and it’s definitely enabled but no software can see the data stream.
    Ideally, I’d like to get this running under Linux.

  • Hello,

    Is someone with success start AT console on Windows 10 64?
    I have problem with COM port driver.

    PL: “Nie można uruchomić tego urządzenia. (Kod 10) Określone żądanie nie jest prawidłową operacją na urządzeniu docelowym.”
    EN: “You can not start this device. (Code 10) The specified request is not a valid operation for the target device.”

    Any idea?


  • Is there a way to disable “AT Port” and “Trace Port” again?

  • Dear Zukota,
    Some questions for 2017 !
    1) Does GnssDataInterface
    work with Windows 10 ?

    2) Does your advice apply to Windows 10 ?
    I tried to follow the steps, Able to run AT commands using putty.
    But GnssDataInterface does not seem to detect the sensor!
    + I think the sensor entry in device manager appeared even before runing the MBIM tool. (the AT & Trace ports were not)

    So.. just wondering if you’ve got advice to get GPS sensor up & running in Windows 10

  • The link for the COM enabling .exe doesn’t work:

    Here’s the error:

    We can’t find what you’re looking for.”

  • good day sir i have win 10 em7345 4g lte
    it works ok on 3g and utms and all networks EXCEPT 4G (LTE)
    so could you please inform and advice how can i lock it on 3g only or lock it in other types except 4g lte
    many thanks and waiting for your grateful advice
    and i have purchased em7345 control center but i cant know how to lock on 3g

  • “Ensure you’re running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Windows 7 can use AT and GPS too, but to enable it, you must be running Windows 8!”
    I’m triyng to use a EM7345 in my X1 Carbon 3rd Gen with Win 7
    I don’t have Win8 or Win 8.1 to enable AT commands.
    Is there a workjaround ?
    Thank you in advance

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