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EM7455 Control Center


EM7455 Control Center is a software for monitoring and configuring Sierra Wireless EM7455 / MC7455 4G device installed in many modern laptops and tablets. It works with generic Sierra Wireless EM7455, MC7455, Lenovo branded EM7455, Dell branded DW5811e devices.

It provides functions absent in standard Windows settings, such as:



  • Signal strength indication in bars and in dBm
  • Signal quality indication for 3G and LTE in bars and in dBm
  • Cellular radio power off and on to save battery
  • Connect and disconnect from the Internet
  • Access technology indication (LTE, 3G, 2G)
  • Frequency band indication
  • Access technology and frequency bands selection
  • Current temperature and voltage
  • Reboot device
  • …and more

It provides a very convenient tray icon with the current cellular network and Internet connection status – which is especially useful with Windows 10, that has no access technology indication:



You can check your APN details and IP address assigned by the cellular carrier:


EM7455 Control Center also has some brief diagnostic feature – to show your mobile number, device IMEI, SIM card data, and device lock status, including SIM lock, Network lock, other locks and calibration information:




Oct 18 2017: Version 1.01

  • Now MC7455 devices are supported.
  • Small improvements.



EM7455 Control Center is shareware. After downloading it on your computer you can use it for unlimited time with some restrictions. In order to unlock all features of the program, you need to purchase a license using the button below. The registration price is $15.


Use the following button to purchase EM7455 Control Center. All the payments are handled by PayPro Global processing service, transactions are SSL encrypted and secure. After successful payment you will receive an email with your personal EM7455 Control Center registration key.


26 Responses to EM7455 Control Center

  • Do you have a tool to unlock the COM ports of the EM7455, just like you have for the EM7435 ?
    Apparently, I cannot use the tool until these COM ports are made accessible.

    • What is your EM7455 device exactly? Is it Dell, Lenovo or Sierra Wireless branded? What is the device USB VID/PID? (Device manager -> Device Properties -> Details tab -> Hardware Ids)

    • Hello!

      I subscribe to this request. The difference is that I have a DW5811e Snapdragon X7 LTE for Dell Precision 7710.

      I can’t access the COM ports so I cannot use it to send AT commands.
      All I want is to send USSD codes in order to check for the credit balance from the card.

      Thank you

  • Hi,
    Sorry, not my area of expertise.
    But if I buy the Lenovo P50 with the Lenovo Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A (Sierra Wireless EM7455) in US, will it also work in AUstralia?
    In the US the P50 is on sale right now in US for about $1600, whereas in the AU its $3.900 for exactly the same thing.
    When choosing the model configuration the Integrated Mobile Broadband shows exactly the same item. I assume that this m.2 card supports different bands globally, show I should have no problem.
    Thanks muchly!
    (Impressive blog)

  • Hello Zukota! Do you know were to find driver for thinkpad EM7455 4G LTE Mobile Broadband bought from lenovo (Sierra wireless Airprime model EM7455 script on hardware) the card Is kompatible for my computer Lenovo P50. Win 7 64 bit on my computer and I have find a driver on lenovo support but it only tells me that The document you have requested is not available when i choose the driver for downloads!

    Where did you get the driver!?

    best regards

  • Hello! Please give advice! I have a laptop Lenovo X270 right now there is a modem FIBOCOM L831-EAU – M.2, everything seems to work. I decided to replace FIBOCOM with EM7455, bought in China, I change – the reaction is 0. The computer starts up, as if the slot is empty. Ie at the level of BIOS and so it does not look, is there a WWAN, and in Windows there is generally a void in the device manager. I put back FIBOCOM – immediately appears after the inclusion. The question is – have I been sent a dead 7455 or Lenovo has tables that interfere with the definition of the device when the power initialization mismatch or something? Thanks in advance for the help.

  • Can you enable this for the MC7455 also?

  • Hi, Zukota. Thanks for all this. You recommend P/N 1102424, but I’m expecting delivery any day now of a P/N 1102662, which is advertised as a Lenovo-branded EM7455. Have I made a mistake? Do I need to do anything to make it work?

    • Another question: Does the Control Center work with the EM7455 if it is connected via a USB adapter?

      • Yes it should work. As far as it has COM ports enabled, and the COM ports are visible in the Device Manager, then it should pick it up. You can double check using the demo version too.

    • Hi! 1102662 is ok. It’s a Lenovo version. If your laptop has no whitelist, then you don’t need to do anything. Just install Lenovo EM7455 drivers.

  • Can you pull GPS coordinates from the software

  • Sorry for asking a question that is a bit off-topic. But I came across this site while I was looking for software/configuration in order to use the WWAN module in my Dell notebook for regular voice calls. I have data connection and I can make VoIP calls via 3G/4G with a softphone client. But is there also a way how to make regular GSM calls with the phone number of the SIM card?

    • Voice calls are currently not possible with any of current cellular modules. In the past, it worked with some older modules (MC7700 if I’m not mistaken). Sierra Wireless promised to implement the voice calls functionality for the EM7455 in the future firmware updates, but so far as I know it’s still not the case.

  • Hi

    I found your site after spending HOURS on an issue with a Dell branded sierra wireless em7455 and no matter what SIM card I use or network I try I keep getting a No Service issue although my device can see the card can see the local mobile networks etc and think it’s somehow locked at the card level?

    If I hit diagnose on the mobile network connection I get the following error:

    Enter a SIM PIN2 to unlock the mobile broadband device Completed

    The mobile broadband device is locked with SIM PIN2. Contact your mobile operator for assistance with unlocking the device. Here are your mobile broadband subscription details: Mobile number: 078472XXXXXX IMSI: 234301XXXXXXXX SIM ICC ID: 894430190XXXXXX IMEI: 353991XXXXXXXx

    I have also pasted some netsh commands below and any help would be REALLY appreciated!

    Thanks in advance


    C:\Windows\system32>netsh mbn sh int

    There is 1 interface on the system:

    Name : Mobile
    Description : DW5811e SnapdragonT X7 LTE
    GUID : {17F61D61-9D6A-446E-8A12-XXXXXXXXXXXX}
    Physical Address : b0:8f:83:5d:5d:43
    State : Not connected
    Device type : This is a remote device
    Cellular class : GSM
    Device Id : 353991070XXXXXXXXX
    Manufacturer : Sierra Wireless, Incorporated
    Model : DW5811e SnapdragonT X7 LTE
    Firmware Version : SWI9X30C_02.24.05.06
    Provider Name : 3 UK
    Roaming : Not roaming
    Signal : 0%
    RSSI / RSCP : 0 (-113 dBm)

    C:\Windows\system32>netsh mbn show pin interface=”mobile”

    Pin information for interface Mobile:
    Pin Type : Pin2
    Pin State : Enter
    Attempts Remaining : 3

  • Just an update on my last post. I have installed EM7455 Control Center and the Dell Drivers on Windows 10 using the USBCOMP=8 method, restarted and using the trial version when I select COM$ it says Device Opened OK in bottom right but Network status is stuck saying Searching for network…

    Diagnostic dump is as follows:
    Mobile number : 0784XXXXXXXXX
    SMS center num: +447958879890
    Lock SIM card : Unlocked
    Lock network : Unlocked
    Lock netwrk PU: Unlocked
    Lock provider : Unlocked
    Calibration Information:
    Station ID: 001_CAL_L_10
    Date: 04/25/2016
    Software version: R6-6-1B
    Configuration version: 6.57

    Thanks again for any help before I have to try another physical card.

  • hi Zukota,
    Would it be possible to add info & details about Carrier Aggregation?
    Would you consider to add temporary band extortion in trial mode to check?
    And also I think that with price reduced to 5$ you would have 5x more clients, so in fact more income 🙂

  • Is it possible to organize in this application the functionality for sending USSD requests and sending/receiving SMS?

  • I have a Sierra Wireless EM7455 that works on Lenovo Thinkpad X260 and X1 Carbon 5th, but it does not work on a T470

    which EM7455 card is the one that works in Lenovo Thinkpad T470 that I bought yesterday

  • Bought the app, are you able to add the display of carrier aggregation / LTE+ Advanced connections and or settings?

  • Has anyone tried and have got the EM7455 to work on the X1 Carbon 6th gen?

  • Hi Zukota,

    I’m happy using version 1.2 and made a donation. Firmware verision FIH7160_V1.1_MODEM_01.1349.12. The fields: “Network status”, “Acces technology”, “Band in use” and “Cell ID” are always blank. Other fields are working well. And the tray icon is always a red dot.

    Can you please help me out

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