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EM7345 Control Center



EM7345 Control Center is a software for monitoring and configuring Sierra Wireless EM7345 4G device installed in many Lenovo laptops and tablets.

It provides functions absent in standard Windows settings, such as:



  • Signal strength indication in bars and in dBm
  • Signal quality indication in bars and in absolute units
  • Cellular radio power off and on to save battery
  • Connect and disconnect from the Internet
  • Access technology indication (LTE, 3G, 2G)
  • Frequency band indication
  • Access technology and frequency bands selection
  • Reboot device
  • …and more

You can monitor how much data went through the EM7345 for the current session or total:


It provides a very convenient tray icon with the current cellular network and Internet connection status – which is especially useful with Windows 10, that has no access technology indication:



EM7345 Control Center also has some brief diagnostic feature – to show your mobile number, device IMEI, SIM card data, and device lock status, including SIM lock, Network lock, and other locks:




Feb 5 2016: Version 1.01

  • Carrier IQ spyware disable feature. For safety, works only with firmware version 1529.05 and higher as lower versions could brick EM7345 when attempting to disable Carrier IQ. Read more about Carrier IQ here.
  • Cell ID indication feature. Lets you know which exactly cellular tower you are using at any moment.

EM7345 Control Center


May 25 2016: Version 1.2

  • Accurate connection status feature. It shows the current Windows Internet connection status instead of the modem PDP connection status.
  • Radio power on and off feature. You can now turn EM7345 radio power off when not using it, and that can greatly increase the battery life.
  • Internet connect and disconnect feature. Now you can connect and disconnect the Internet with just one click.


  • Tray icon now is green color when Internet is connected and gray when not connected. Tray tool tip is more informational now.
  • You can Connect/Disconnect the Internet and set the Radio Power from the tray menu as well.





EM7345 Control Center is shareware. After downloading it on your computer you can use it for unlimited time with some restrictions. In order to unlock all features of the program, you need to purchase a license using the button below. The registration price is $15.


Use the following button to purchase EM7345 Control Center. All the payments are handled by PayPro Global processing service, transactions are SSL encrypted and secure.  After successful payment you will receive an email with your personal EM7345 Control Center registration key.


28 Responses to EM7345 Control Center

  • Seems, that download link for EM7345 Control Center is corrupt.

  • Dear Zukota…
    I have a question …
    Is there any software that displays the Satellite View
    (number of Satelites,connection strength etc.) on the EM7345 …
    Thanks in advance…

  • Dear Zukota…i have installed the EM7345 Control Center try version.
    plz.install the Malwarebytes on you Computer and then the EM7345 Control Center version 1.00..then you will understand what i mean…maybe Malwarebytes is wrong…but is strange…Thank you for you time etc.
    Best Regards..

    • Yes, there’s a false positive for Malwarebytes. It’s triggered by protection system that is used in EM7345 Control Center. I will ask the vendor if that can be fixed. There’s no problem with other antivirus, only this Malwarebytes giving alert. There’s no any harmful code in EM7345 Control Center, it doesn’t even use internet.

    • Problem with Malwarebytes is now resolved. No more false postitve. Just update the Malwarebytes database and try again.

  • Periodical access violation errorbox every second.
    Also, can you add a display of current Cell identity? (AT+XREG? equivalent)

  • Superb application. Works really well.

    A suggestion for future versions: is there the potential to add a “connect” facility. Unless Windows is set to automatically connect to the cellular service, it takes 4 clicks to do this manually. While that’s not bad, it’s not particularly convenient.

    So having the ability to do it from this utility, maybe even directly from the notification tray icon, would be great. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi, Rick, thanks for you review and suggestion. I’ll check it out. BTW, I already wanted to implement radio on/off to help conserve power when WWAN is not needed, but Windows tends to lose the device if the radio is turned off using a COM port. Even if you turn radio back on, Windows sees the WWAN as “no signal” and only device reboot brings it back.

  • Does this app work with the EM7455?

  • hello i have this problem :
    i have buy sierra em7345 but i have try to install into notebook dell 7204.
    the notebook start without problem but in device manager the card “sierra wireless em7345 4g lte” not install correctly?
    i have windows 10 64 bit, and i have try different drivers packet .
    can you help me?
    thank you

  • Thanks for the App, works great 😉 – Is it possible to add a auto SIM Unlock function? Or is there any other way to do it at Windows startup automatically? My System is encrypted, so it is almost safe to store the SIM PIN on Windows… but removing it completely is giving me some bad feeling… But entering it every time is also boring… 😯

    • Hi, do you mean entering the SIM card pin on the EM7345 Control Center startup automatically? I think this can be arranged 🙂

      • Yes, it is want I search for – would me really great to have this feature 😀

        • one more think – can you implement a timeout and or a extra thread for the COM Port. When I change the port to the wrong port (as example between at and trace port – was not sure which one is the right – maybe you can label the select box with AT-Port) – the program hangs and the frontend is not responding.

  • hi any update to the app?
    for a while the app loops endless somewhere around and takes 100% cpu load and I have no idea why.

  • Dear, Author, thanks for your work!
    This simple tool Control Center and your manual for modem AT commands helped a lot with my 7345 on Lenovo T450 laptop.
    Specialy with numerous issues related to suspend mode:
    1. modem radio power on/off function of Control Center prevents laptop from unexpected wake up.
    2. command AT+CFUN=16 helps to solve issue with connecting to network after suspend without restarting the system, I was using it prior made a purchase of Control Center aplication.
    3. also very valuable command for automatic selection of access technologies AT+XACT=6,2,1,900,1800,1900,850,1,2,4,5,8,101,102,103,104,105,107,108,113,117,118,119,120

  • Hello Zukota,

    My internet connection gets disconnected after an hour and I have to manually click connect to access internet again. Can you please give an automatic reconnect option.

  • This utility looks awesome. Just what I have been looking for to make sure what the cards are doing.

    Will this work on a EM7355? What is the difference between the 7345 and 7355? I have 2 dell branded 7255 cards I would like to use in a WE826 router with NGFF to PCIe adapter and I think they will need to be reflashed to generic to work in the WE826 router.


  • Does this work with windows 10?

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