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Now you can buy Sierra Wireless EM7345 4G LTE for your Lenovo laptop. If buying from us, you are guaranteed to receive a genuine, unlocked EM7345 device that will work with your cellular carrier. I’ve been receiving a lot of comments from users who have bought EM7345 that turned out to be locked to some cellular carrier, and as the result it couldn’t be used at all. Until now, there’s no unlocking method publicly available, so in such case you need to return the device to the seller which is often not easy. I recommend not to buy it from eBay or second hand auction sites, as you can get a locked or defective device.


All EM7345 devices are checked manually and pre-sale configured

em7345-install Infineon-Flash-Tool

I check all devices manually. I put them into my own laptop and check the operating in all access technology modes: 2G, 3G and LTE. If device is working ok, I flash the latest firmware, change the device ID as necessary so it’s accepted by the restrictive Lenovo BIOS and enable COM ports so it’s compatible with EM7345 Control Center out from the box. You don’t need to reinstall your Windows just to flash the firmware or enable COM ports or do anything at all. Just plug the device into your Lenovo laptop, install EM7345 Control Center (or skip it) and you’re good to go with your mobile broadband.


EM7345 Control Center is bundled with your purchase


If you order your EM7345 from, you get EM7345 Control Center for free. EM7345 Control Center is a software for Windows to monitor and manage EM7345 device.


The price is $160

We accept PayPal for payments. The item can be shipped worldwide by DHL and FedEx. Please note that the shipping and customs costs are not included in the price and can vary for each country. Please use the form below to inquire about the shipping costs to your country. We ship your order in 1 business day after receiving the payment. When the item is shipped, we will email your tracking number so you can track your package.



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