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Real ThinkPad HDD LED


Real ThinkPad HDD LED offers a way to add the Hard Drive activity LED that is missing in all newest Lenovo ThinkPad laptops. The Lenovo marketing decision to remove the physical Hard Drive LED from the newest laptops was a very frustrating news for ThinkPad fans around the globe. Neither of us ThinkPad users wanted ThinkPad turned into another Apple minimalistic looking clone. But now, Real ThinkPad HDD LED to the rescue!

It uses the Microphone mute LED that is still present in Lenovo ThinkPad laptops to emulate the Hard Drive activity LED:

Real ThinkPad HDD LED offers the following configurable settings:

Real ThinkPad HDD LED - screen1

  • Monitors any of installed Hard Drives for activity and blinks the physical LED correspondingly.
  • Can monitor Physical or Logical Disks.
  • For each disk installed any type of Hard Drive activity can be mapped to the physical LED:  Read activity, Write activity, or both.
  • In addition to blinking the physical LED, the icon in the tray can also blink to indicate the Hard Drive activity. Real ThinkPad HDD LED - screen2



  • A Lenovo ThinkPad laptop that is missing a physical Hard Drive LED but has a Microphone Mute LED. X240, X250, X1 Carbon Gen2, Gen3 and probably others are supported.
  • Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 is supported.
  • Fully installed laptop drivers from Lenovo website.


Download Demo version

Real ThinkPad HDD LED is shareware. After downloading the demo version, you can try and evaluate it on your computer for unlimited time. The demo version just blinks the LED and the tray icon randomly, not synchronized with your Hard Drive activity. You can check if the LED blinking works for your laptop model and if so, the full version will also work with your laptop.

The password for the ZIP archive is 2016.



Use the following button to purchase Real ThinkPad HDD LED. All the payments are handled by PayPro Global processing service, transactions are SSL encrypted and secure.  After successful payment you will receive an email with your personal Real ThinkPad HDD LED registration key. The price for the full version is just $15.